Wooden packaging

Protective packaging for transport within Czech Republic and for export shipping.

We have over 30 years of experience with the production of industrial wooden packaging in compliance with applicable standards. In addition we are able to pack and fix industrial products right at the customer’s premises and prepare the goods for further transportation.

We produce suitable packaging for export shipping to all over the world, including areas with special ecological, phytosanitary, transport, humidity, etc. requirements.

Our production activities include:

  • Thermal impregnation of wood packaging according to FAO (see certificate)
  • Manufacturing of packaging of all kinds, dimensions and from materials suitable for all means of transport – by plane, truck, train or ship.
  • Packaging of products into Alfopak and LDPE foil, which both have long-term protective function
  • Packaging of products into heat-shrinkable foil (for more see Into heat-shrinkable foil)
  • Temporary anti-corrosion protection by preservation and adding desiccants with long-term efficiency.
  • Fixation of products into transport containers, wagons, etc. using polyester binding tapes
  • Fixation of products in the boxes – using PUR foam, Nopa Foam foil and polyethylene filling
  • Adding Impact indicator onto the box – if any significant shocks, damage or tilting occurred during transport, the Impact indicator will show you before opening the box (for more see Sensitive products)
  • Marking of boxes according to your requiremets
Own manufacturing and warehousing premises
Both serial and custom-tailored production
Reliability and short delivery time
30 years of experience in the field